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Matthew R. Bailey, BA
Vice President
Executive Vice President Foundation for Biomedical Research
Vice President National Association for Biomedical Research
Washington DC

Bonnie V. Beaver, DVM, MS, DACVB, DACAW
Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine
College Station TX

B. Taylor Bennett, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, DACAW
SCAW Board of Trustees
Mangement Consultant
Hinsdale IL

John F. Bradfield, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
Senior Director
AAALAC International
Frederick MD

Paul G. Braunschweiger, PhD
SCAW Board of Trustee
Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Miami FL

Elizabeth J. Browder, DVM, MS
Associate Executive Director Comparative Medicine
Texas A&M University
College Station TX

Patricia A. Brown, VMD, MS, DACLAM
Director, Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
Office of Extramural Research, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health
Bethesda MD

John A. Bryan, II, DVM, MS
Public Service Assistant/ Wildlife Veterinarian
Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine
Athens GA

Carol Clarke, DVM, DACLAM
Research Program Manager
United States Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/Animal Care
Riverdale MD

J. G. Collins, PhD
Member, SCAW Board of Trustees
Professor of Anesthesiology
Yale University
333 Cedar Street
New Haven CT

Anthony G. Comuzzie, PhD
Member, SCAW Board of Trustees
Scientist, Department of Genetics
Texas Biomedical Research Institute
Group Leader Chronic Disease Research
Southwest National Primate Research Center
San Antonio TX

Elizabeth M. Dodemaide, BVSc, MA, MACVSc
Associate Director, Laboratory Animal Services
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Piscataway NJ

Molly Greene, BA, CIPA
IACUC Advisor
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI

Joseph R. Haywood, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Regulatory Affairs
Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI

Patrick Heath, BA, MTh, MA
Nonaffiliated IACUC Member
Texas Biomedical Research Institute
San Antonio TX

Randall J. Nelson, PhD
Member, SCAW Board of Trustees
Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis TN

Ernest D. Prentice, PhD
Member, SCAW Board of Trustees
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Regulatory Compliance
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha NE

Gregory R. Reinhard, DVM, MBA, DACLAM
Member, SCAW Board of Trustees
Director, Office of Animal Welfare
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA

Robert S. Sikes, PhD
Chair, Animal Care and Use Committee
American Society of Mammalogists
Professor of Biology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Little Rock AR

Jerrold Tannenbaum, JD
Professor of Animal and Veterinary Ethics and Law
School of Veterinary Medicine
Adjunct Professor, School of Law
University of California at Davis
Department of Population Health & Reproduction
Davis CA

San Antonio Winter Conference

As a leaders in the animal welfare education industry, the board members of SCAW have been working to lead the organization in new directions –offering leading edge education.