SCAW IACUC Training Workshop on September 14, 2017 and IACUC 101 Series "IACUC 301 Scenarios” on September 15, 2017

The City University of New York, The Graduate School and University Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York NY
September 14-15, 2017


September 14, 2017

Sponsors: OLAW/NIH/DHHS; USDA/APHIS/AC; City University of New York; CITI Program at BRANY; Merck, Inc.; Rockefeller University and a-tune software, Inc.

SCAW encourages local institutions and others to co-sponsor or supporters of SCAW’s IACUC Training Workshops. Please contact the SCAW office if you are interested in supporting this workshop a workshop at or tel: 301.345.3500

8:00 Registration
Continental Breakfast

Introduction and Welcome to IACUC Training Introduction of Speakers

Gregory R. Reinhard, DVM, MBA, DACLAM

The Ethics of Using Animal in Research: A Question of Science, Humaneness and Societal Need

Ernest D. Prentice, PhD

IACUC: Crossing the t’s and Dotting the i’s, or Animal Welfare?

J. G. Collins, PhD


Building and Sustaining an IACUC: Balance is Key

Randall J. Nelson, PhD

Endpoints: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

John F. Bradfield, DVM, PhD, DACLAM

Reproducibility and Animal Research: Who’s Responsible?

Paul G. Braunschweiger, PhD


Are You Up to Date with APHIS, OLAW? Q & A for You and Me

Introduction and Moderator: Gregory R. Reinhard, DVM, MBA, DACLAM
OLAW Representative
USDA/APHIS/AC Representative

Under the Microscope: Examining Your Programs Before Others Do

Randall J. Nelson, PhD
Ernest D. Prentice, PhD
AAALAC Representative
OLAW Representative
USDA/APHIS/AC Representative


♦NEW♦ Afternoon Concurrent Sessions - Choose One Track ♦NEW♦

(1st Track) Active Learning as a Component of IACUC Training

Self Imposed Regulatory Burden
(This session is being run from 3:30 – 5pm

(Registration limited to 20 participants. Please email to become a registrant.
You will receive a return email confirming that you are a participant.)

J. G. Collins, PhD

(2nd Track)
Handling Exceptions and Exemptions: Balancing Scientific Research Goals With Animal Welfare

Gregory R. Reinhard, DVM, MBA, DACLAM

Ethical and Regulatory Sensitive Scenarios

Ernest D. Prentice, PhD
Randall J. Nelson, PhD
OLAW Representative
USDA/APHIS/AC Representative

End of day one

September 15, 2017

IACUC 301 Scenarios

IACUC 301: “Scenarios” is a full day of IACUC scenarios that address a mix of straight forward to complex situations interspersed with Q&A sessions.

Students will be presented with a variety of scenarios that address topics such as IACUC Membership, Protocol Review, Semiannual Review, Pain & Distress Categories, Records retention, Minority viewpoints, Regulated or Not, and More.

Following an opportunity to “vote” on a correct response or action plan using Audio Response Cards, students will hear from experts representing AAALAC, OLAW and USDA who will present their positions on each scenario. There will also be two formal opportunities to pose questions to the experts during the day.

Sample Program

• Scenarios I – IACUC Membership
• Scenarios II – Protocol Review
• Q&A for Expert Panel – OLAW, USDA and AAALAC
• Scenarios III – Semiannual Review and Pain & Distress Categories
• Scenarios IV – Miscellaneous (Records retention, Minority viewpoints, Regulated or Not, and More)
• Final Q&A for Expert Panel – OLAW, USDA and AALAC

*Agenda subject to change