student scholarship fund

SCAW and CITI Program has partnered to develop a Student Scholarship Fund. If you are a full time student and would like to attend any one of SCAW’s Workshops or Conferences please see below on how to apply for the SCAW/CITI Student Scholarship to have your registration fee waived.

1) Identify which Workshop or Conference you would like to attend.
2) Send complete contact information.
3) Send a paragraph on why you would like to attend one of SCAW’s Workshops or Conference.
4) Send proof of full time status
5) Include a recommendation from a professor/advisor.

SCAW needs to receive the above information six weeks before the scheduled Workshop/Conference
Send the above information to;
SCAW/CITI Student Scholarship Fund
2660 NE Hwy 20,Suite 610-115
Bend, OR 97701
fax: 541.383.4655

SCAW’s annual conferences provide an excellent opportunity to learn about current issues.

Alice Ra'anan
Director of Government Relations and Science Policy
The American Physiological Society