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The American Physiological Society
K-12 Overview

Frontiers in Physiology - Summer Research Program Fellowships for Middle & High School Teachers AND Local Workshops for Middle & High School Teachers with APS Researchers. Visit: for Fellowship information.

Explorations in Biomedicine - for Montana Middle & High School Teachers and Tribal College Faculty with APS Researchers

My Health, My World - Workshops and Curricular Materials for Grade K-4 Teachers

Physiology for Life Science Teachers & Students - Annual full-day workshop for area high school teachers and students held in conjunction with the Experimental Biology meeting.

Animal Research: Finding Cures, Saving Lives is a colorful, easy-to-read brochure published by the American Physiological Society. Finding Cures provides Programs for K-12 Teachers answers to frequently asked questions about animal research, including why animal research is important to human and animal health, why computers can’t provide all the answers, and what safeguards are in place to ensure that animals are treated humanely. This brochure is intended for middle school age and older. The information can be explored on the web , viewed or printed as a pdf , or ordered in hard copy form.

The AALAS Foundation

Public Outreach

The AALAS Foundation funds the development and production of outreach resources with the help of many individuals, corporations, and AALAS branches. Below are programs and materials that promote public awareness of the benefits of biomedical research and enhance the responsible use of laboratory animals.

Whether you are a member of the public seeking clear, factual information about the responsible use of animals in biomedical research, or an AALAS member planning to present a public outreach program, you will find useful resources for different age groups and audiences. Some materials can be printed from your computer; the other materials may be ordered online through the AALAS Bookstore.

Kids, Teachers, and Parents

Animal Roles in Medical Discoveries (PDF)

Careers in Biomedical Research (PDF)

Careers in Biomedical Research (PowerPoint)

Animals in Biomedical Research: Understanding the Issues (PDF)

Caring for Animals in the Classroom

Product Safety Testing Poster (PDF)

If There Is No Animal Research, There Is No Cure Poster (PDF)

Together for Life Activity Sheets (PDF)

Together for Life Poster (PDF)

Animals in Research (PowerPoint)

Frogs: A Comprehensive Course for High School Students DVD

Learning About Frogs Courses



Puzzles, Posters, & More

Online Videos

Careers in Laboratory Animal Science Video

Living Proof: Faces of Research (wmv)
(If you use FireFox and are having trouble viewing this video, click here.)

Discussion Guide (PDF)
Teacher Resources (PDF)

Visit our award-winning Community Animal Research Environment (CARE) in Whyville, the leading virtual world for teens and pre-teens.

Whyville Website
CARE Information Page

School Resources Library
Free online courses aimed at middle school and high school students. Includes tests to evaluate student performance.

Working with Animals Courses
Learning about Frogs: Introduction
Learning about Frogs: Advanced
Caring for Animals in the Classroom

Exploring Laboratory Animal Science Courses
Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science
Careers for Laboratory Animal Veterinarians
Careers for Laboratory Animal Technicians

Research Trivia Game
Developed by Americans for Medical Progress, the Research Trivia game informs students about how animal research advances human and animal medicine.

Research Trivia Game Guide
Trivia Questions
Game Board

Animal Cards
AREA Program Animal Cards

Order Materials

AALAS Bookstore

Speaking Honestly – Animal Research Education

SHARE, is a program designed to guide educators in leading a discussion-based classroom activity on the different views on the use of animals in research. The activity is targeted for high schoolers and early undergraduates but can be adapted to a variety of audiences. It can be conducted in classes as small as 10 students or as large as 300-500 students and requires only a single class period of 50-75 minutes. Our website,, provides visitors with various resources to facilitate SHARE in their own classrooms including a detailed lesson plan, teaching tips, classroom handouts, and video

The APS Archive of Teaching Resources
A Collaborative Digital Library of Life Sciences

The APS Archive of Teaching Resources is a digital library of peer-reviewed science teaching resources that is free and open to educators worldwide. As of January 2009, the Archive contained more than 2,200 peer-reviewed teaching resources including audiovisual materials, lesson plans, teaching journal articles, and scientific content materials.

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